What is the Ship Repair Association of Hawaii?

Organized in 2002, the Ship Repair Association of Hawaii is a nonprofit voluntary trade association, dedicated to growing Hawaii’s ship repair industry through a unified public/private partnership by providing cost effective, high quality services to all commercial and government customers.

We are a chartered committee of the Hawaii ship repair industry and its suppliers (TEAM HAWAII) established to:

  • Strengthen and increase the capabilities of the industry in the state
  • Complement PHNSY’s capabilities and capacity – a ready resource to respond to surge and peak loading demands
  • Educate potential Pacific Rim customers of the value of utilizing Hawaii’s ship repair infrastructure
  • Be the supplier of choice for ship repair in the Pacific Region

Mission Statement

The central mission and core values of the SRAH:

  • To be the voice of the ship repair industry in Hawaii
  • To be responsible for identifying issues affecting the industry
  • Leveraging the power of the members to gain resolution
  • To meet current and future needs of our U.S. government and commercial customers
  • To expand Hawaii’s ship repair industry through participation in:
    • The Navy’s shipyard program
    • Department of Homeland Security, MARAD, and other Military
    • Commercial ship repair opportunities
  • To develop and maintain:
    • A highly trained workforce
    • An industrial base in Hawaii

Economic Impact

Due to the uniqueness of Hawaii’s Economy, our industrial base, labor markets and intellectual expertise are critical to the State’s economic health and growth. See how the Ship Repair industry is vital to this balance.


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