Serving Hawai'i's shipping industry since 2002

A diverse group dedicated to one common goal: providing the very best in ship repairs at a reasonable cost. We are the voice of the industry in Hawai'i, and together, we achieve great things.

Ship Repair Association of Hawaii, SRAH, Hawaii Shipyard Matsonia bow

About Us

SRAH is a nonprofit voluntary trade association, dedicated to growing Hawai'i’s ship repair industry through a unified public/private partnership by providing cost effective, high quality services to all government and commercial customers.

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Ship Repair Association of Hawaii, SRAH, repair workers hull blasting

Core Values

From expanding the State's ship repair industry to developing and maintaining a highly trained workforce and local industrial base, our central mission is to serve as the voice of the industry for Hawai'i.

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Ship Repair Association of Hawaii, SRAH, Matsonia crew

Board of Directors

Get to know our Board of Directors: Iain Wood (COO, Pacific Shipyards International); Bruce Smith, VP (Site Manager, General Dynamics Electric Boat Corporation); and James Wood, Treasurer (Regional Manager, Aerotek).

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Learn about our members: those primarily engaged in the business of building, repairing, or doing alterations to US Military, commercial ships, boats, or crafts in the State of Hawai'i. Read more


Learn about our affiliates: active members who participate from Off Island (remotely), or supportive members and vendors not primarily focused on Hawai'i's ship repair industry. Read more


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